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Chapter 1

Our story began on a warm summer day. Our meeting was not a normal one. Our bond isn’t normal either...
      I’ll tell you the story from the day we met.

Finally, summer vacation! School had been a nuisance, since the days were so long and boring.
      Selene pulled out a small mirror from her purse and checked her make-up. With her hand she brushed trough her curly red hair. Under two fine eyebrows gazed two intelligent green eyes back at her. Selene let out a sigh. She had been checking her make-up all day, because tonight she would meet someone special. The company of this guest made her very nervous, and a little sick to be honest. After one satisfying look in the mirror she packed her bag and gave it to her servant. Tabatha gasped when she felt the weight of the bag, but wisely kept her mouth shut after one irritated glance from Selene. She was not in the mood to tolerate her servant’s complaints, she had to be home quickly and get dressed for dinner. The special guest would be there, and she wanted to look as fine as she could. First impressions were everything in Lynimia.

And so does this story begin. That’s right.... I’m Selene. I changed a lot when I met Him... He showed me a new vision on life, and changed mine forever. I’m about to tell you how we met.

Since Selene enjoyed a little walk, she allowed herself to have one. She had sent Tabatha homewards so that she could have some time alone. It made her calm and gave her mind some space to think. She noticed that the alleys in the city of Dezoars were narrow and quite high, so sunlight often didn’t make it to the ground. It was necessary to build everything so tight together, because there was only a small piece of land that had to house the entire population of earth.
      Because Selene was daydreaming she didn’t noticed the young man that dashed down the alley. When she did, it was already to late. He bumped into her and pushed her into a side-alley, and then pressed her against a wall. She had never been so close to a man.

I thought I was going to be raped. I wanted to scream... But the words were afraid to leave my mouth. Like people are afraid of leaving a house in a storm, so I chocked them back. Thousands of thoughts were racing trough my head. What to do? What to do? Was the most frequent one. I didn’t know what I had to do!

His beard tickled her cheek. She stared at him with terror, but he did nothing. When he saw she was about to cry, he quickly pushed is finger against her lips and softly hissed: “Quiet!”
      After a few seconds of terrible silence Selene heard footsteps. A little spark of hope ignited in Selene’s chest, and she opened her mouth to scream. The stranger pushed a hand against her mouth and pushed her with his whole body against the wall. His deep blue eyes were dead-serious, with the emphases on dead. As the footsteps were closing in, the man grew more nervous, and more rude. The pressure on her jaw was almost unbearable. He then dragged her behind a container, and again pushed her against the wall. The man tried to see everything that happened around him, and his eyes darted from left to right. He reminded Selene of a trapped animal. And then she understood. This man was running from the persons those footsteps belonged to. Suddenly three white flashes ran across the entrance of the
side-alley. Selene recognised them as the Guardians of the city. This man was probably a dangerous criminal!

I’ll explain to you what guardians are, exactly. You probably guessed that they are some kind of police, and in that way, you’re right. But they are a special section of the national Guard, that has had special training. It is considered one of the greatest honours to be invited to join the Guardians.
      But they only focus themselves on the most malevolent criminals, and so the appearance of the Guardians made me even more nervous.

The Guardians took a quick look into the narrow alley, and then ran further down the main alley. The man took his hands away from Selene and gestured that she had to stay silent. She obeyed, while he checked if the coast was clear. When he was sure that there was no-one, he walked back to her and said with a raw voice: ‘Never tell anyone about this rendezvous, understood?’ It was a command, not a question. Selene nodded slowly, thankful that she hadn’t been raped. Suddenly another figure strode out from the shadows, he didn’t seem to scare Selene’s “kidnapper” .
    ‘Thank god, you’re safe!’ Said the newcomer.
‘Did you really think my master plan would fail, Orrin? You have absolutely no faith in me, have you?’ The stranger said it to the man that apparently was called Orrin.
     ‘Yes, I didn’t thought that you would make it in one piece.’ Orrin replied. As the two continued their conversation, Selene tried to sneak away. But the kidnapper grabber her wrist without even looking at her.
     ‘We are not finished yet, so don’t sneak away.’ He growled. Selene looked down at his fist that was clenching her wrist and gasped.
      ‘You... You have the insignia of ‘Saint Collette’s institute burned on your hand!’
      ‘What of it?’ Said the stranger while shrugging.
      ‘That is a crazy person house! Are you a madman?’ She asked.
      ‘No, but I will be very mad if you don’t shut up.’ He replied with a faked smile, and a voice drenched with a threatening tone. Selene was wise enough to ignore her curiosity, and come up with a much more important question.
      ‘Why do you still need me?’ The stranger gave her a sly smile and replied: ‘You look like a healthy, rich, girl.’

At that moment I thought I was about to be kidnapped. You see, my father is one of the richest neo’s in Lynimia, so a ransom was the first thing that popped up in my head. I fell from one bad situation into another. At least I thought so.

‘So you must have a lot of money on you.’ The stranger continued. Selene unconsciously laid a hand on her purse to protect it.
      ‘I don’t want to steal your money, you just have to help me out here.’ He said with a smooth voice. ‘If you buy me a hooded cloak, and promise to never tell anyone about this meeting... Then I’ll let you go.’
      ‘What if... I decide to just walk away and tell the Guard that there is a madman in this alley’ She replied with a voice as sweet as candy.
      ‘Than my accomplice, Orrin, will be happy to use you as a practicing target for his divine knife throwing skills. Honestly, I don’t know why he still needs to practise these skills if he has perfected them already.’ Selene looked at the man that supposed to have ‘divine knife throwing skills’ and couldn’t imagine that someone with such a gentle smile could murder a person. She looked at the man, and he shrugged.
      ‘Don’t think of me as a barbarian, miss...?’
      ‘Selene’ She replied.
      ‘I will not harm you if it is not necessary, miss Selene.’ He said with a reassuring smile.
      ‘And by which means is it necessary?’ Selene wanted to know.
      ‘If you bring master,’ He gestured to the bearded young man. ’In any danger, than it will  be necessary.’ Orrin said with a smile that didn’t reach up to his eyes. Selene turned to Orrin’s master and asked: ‘Is there anything else you need?’ The stranger took a little time to think about it and finally said: ‘I also need shaving tools, this beard is starting to annoy, and food. Do you have enough money on you?’ the neo-girl indeed had enough money, because she wanted to buy a new dress for tonight.
      ‘Yes,’ She replied ‘I have enough... But before I go, may I know your name?’
      ‘No, you may not.’ He said with a stern voice. She was stunned! This mere human refused to give his name to her, a neo!
      ‘I gave you my name, now give me yours!’ She demanded. The stranger drew in a sharp breath of annoyance and said: ‘Technically, you gave Orrin your name, since he was the one who asked for it. I only heard it because I was in the reach of your voice. So first think about something, before you demand anything. And the less you know of me, the better.’
      ‘His name is Einuën, but you can call him Ein’ Orrin suddenly said ‘And I have to apologize for my masters bad attitude, miss Selene.’ He then looked at Ein and said: ‘Sorry, she had to know.’
      ‘And you just made it harder for me to stay unnoticed. If you want to be my servant so badly, then act as one!’ The servant looked at him with indifference.
      ‘Your little escapade will not stay unnoticed for long anyway. In a couple of hours it will be all over the news.’ Einuën scowled.
‘I know! And I cannot stay in one place for long! So if you,’ He pointed at Selene ‘Would get me that damn cloak I could leave.’ Selene nodded thoughtfully.
      ‘One last question. What is the size of your clothes?’ she asked. The man looked at his white overalls and shrugged.
      ‘I don’t know...’ He replied.
      ‘You Don’t know!’ Selene shouted in disbelief.  Einuën looked away and almost whispered: ‘I’ve been locked away for seven years, so I really don’t know, okay.’ A little stunned by this sudden sadness in his voice Selene said a little more friendly: ‘I do not know much about male sizes for clothing, so I don’t know what to buy.’
       ‘Well, I’m fairly long, so buy a big cloak. Really, any fool could have thought of that. If this is the super-intelligence of a neo, then it won’t be long until humans reclaim their position.
       ‘Now, get my stuff, we can’t be chatting here all day.’ He demanded. Orrin stood beside her and gave Selene a quick wink.
       When they were out of Ein’s sight he said: ‘Don’t worry about him, he is really tensed because he hasn’t slept for two days.’ Selene looked at the servant, and at once a question popped up in her head.
       ‘Why are you a servant to a human? You are of the superior race.’ She said. Orrin’s lips curled into a big smile. ‘Because Ein does not believe in a superior race, and so do I. I became his servant to make a statement. Though he doesn’t really acts like a master.’ Selene nodded, thinking about the sinister duo she had just met.

And so our story began to unfold. I had met the ill-tempered Ein and the serene Orrin, the two most notable characters in my memories.  I could not know that my view on things could be changed so much by this duo. Especially by him, he showed me a new side of the world. And so with a new view, comes a new person...
Chapter 1 of PrOPAGANDA

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