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Our story began with a bump, well... At least mine, his was already started. I will tell you our story, that is quite shocking. It is a story about trust, betrayal and governments. Ah, which story isnít about  a fucked up government. But this story is a bit different.

Maybe... Before I start with my story, Iíll tell you about the status and history of this land. It is of great importance to know that, because you would not understand the rest of my story without this crucial knowledge.
Long ago, when the humans ruled the world, there were experiments on brain functions. It is known that humans only use a small part of their brain, and they were trying to get more parts under their control. Those filthy creatures used poor people, in exchange for food for their families. The experiments were horrific, painful and humiliating. But eventually there were results. The subjects became smarter, and used their brain more efficiently than any other, normal, human. But the subjects grew much smarter then the tests indicated. They had a plan. They had to suppress their new gift, so that the scientists thought that they were not making any progress.
After a few years the plan finally worked, and the test-subjects were released. The very expensive project was not funded anymore, so the scientists had to. But the project wasnít a failure, it actually worked better than any human could have hoped for. And so, they created their own nightmare.
The subjects formed a new group, and they called themselves neosapiens, because they believed they were the new humans, die Łbermenschen. It did not take long for them to make their own machine that helped brain functions improve, and so they made themselves an army of super-intelligent beings. It entirely consisted out of people from the lower classes.
Within a blink of an eye they claimed the world for themselves. The inferior beings, known as humans, were enslaved and kept as servants for the new generation of neosapiens.
At first the inferiors protested, but with some psychic energy they were easily defeated.

This happened over a hundred years ago. The neosapiens destroyed all technology and weapons that harmed the earth, because anymore abuse from humans could have destroyed her. We are now trying to rebuild the earth as she was, since a lot of land cannot be used. This al is to blame to the atomic bombs that the humans used in their last minutes of defeat. We are now living in the only place that is still liveable. The continent formerly known as Europe. It is known now as the Great Land of Lynimia. It is called Lynimia, after the women who led us to victory, and was our first queen.

As much as our land sounds like an Utopia, it actually is a Dystopia. I didnít knew that until I met him. Of course I knew that humans were used by neoís to work for them. And I knew that, even though we surpassed humans, we still were impure and craved for the seven sins. Lust was the worst, whole families were thorn apart by unfaithful members. And also, the lust for power was unstoppable. Though we knew how dangerous power is.
He knows how dangerous power is, better than anyone else. He knows something that he is not allowed to know. I do not yet know what it is, but I will find out!
well, this is my new story i've been working on. It is written in English, which is not my native language. So I may have made mistakes in the grammar or in the spelling. if you notice something, please PM and I will change it.

have fun with this very, very short prologue ^^

p.s: if you liked the story, please tell your friends. I need as much comments as I can to improve my english, and my writing skills.
p.p.s: if you know a better title for the story, pleas PM me. Propaganda! is just a workingtitle for now. I want a bit of a catchy title, like 'V for Vendetta'.
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September 3, 2006
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